Bubble Genius

Get poppin’ with Bubble Genius, the innovative bubble shooting adventure that’s bursting with fun!

Join Penny, a genius inventor, as she tries to stop the evil scientist Vee, who’s wreaking havoc over the town – capturing everything – and everyone – in giant bubbles!

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Vee has stolen Penny’s latest invention, a bubble generator, and she’s using it to cause chaos! She’s trapping the town and its populace in giant bubbles!

Fortunately, Penny has no shortage of other gadgets to defend the town, but she needs your help! Together, pop Vee’s bubbles with Gizmo’s Purrfect Swipe, shake them loose with his Aftershock, or choose from one of Penny’s many other clever contraptions. Penny’s cutest creation, her pet Gizmo the robo-cat, is always ready to offer encouragement.

There’s lots of challenging levels, with more added regularly, to pop your way through - overcome Vee’s devious inventions, and save the town from a bubbly fate.