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Outplay gets physical!

21st September 2016

A group of our Outplayers decided it was time to get fit and took on some introductory personal training sessions!


Crafty Candy – Introducing Boss Battles, Candy Switchers and NEW Levels!

16th September 2016

Go head to head in Boss Battles and use Candy Switchers for even better matches in 20 NEW levels!


Outplay speaks to Teaching Staff about the Significance of Language Knowledge in Business

15th September 2016

our Operations and Analytics Manager, Thomas Hulvershorn visited the “1-2 Languages National Cross Sector Conference” at the University of Dundee and presented to the University Council of Modern Languages (UCML) to discuss the significance of language knowledge in business to a group of local teaching staff and policy makers.


Celebrating National Video Games Day!

12th September 2016

In celebration of National Video Games day, we caught up with some of our Outplayers to reminisce over a few of their old favourites and what games influenced them in their early years, leading them to a career with Outplay.


Labor Day Extravaganza!

2nd September 2016

Enjoy Labor Day weekend with savings and special events in Crafty Candy, Bubble Genius, Bubble Blaze and Mystery Match!