Unlocked: Chapter 22 of the Castle Creeps Saga!

20th April 2017
Unlocked: Chapter 22 of the Castle Creeps Saga!

Grab an amazing deal on Hero Keys and battle through four new missions of Creep crushing carnage!

The Heroes take a short break in the village of Dragoncross only to stumble upon a deal of EPIC proportions! For a limited time, grab up to 50% EXTRA on Hero Key offers and unlock the hidden potential of your Heroes!

1.14 CCTD

Meanwhile, the Creeps have a discovered a new battlefield tactic, and it’s pretty bonkers! Introducing The Boggart Warstack, a towering trio of Boggart Skirmishers trying their best to mimic their idol, the Grove Guardian! Bring this column of corruption back down to earth… and then find a way to deal with the three skirmisher units that it separates into!

Kaylen is displaying devotion to the Sun God with her Temple Guard Skin! Use her newfound abilities to lay devastating solar burn traps for unsuspecting Creeps as they advance on your defenses. This offers a whole new element of strategy to your battle plan!

Sounds death defying! But you’ve got this, right?

Ready your Towers and defend the realm!