Unlocked: Chapter 17 in the Castle Creeps Saga!

23rd February 2017
Unlocked: Chapter 17 in the Castle Creeps Saga!

Battle Across Two Fronts!

Following a testing battle, the Heroes have little time for frivolities before the Creeps return to wreak more havoc on the harmony of Goldleaf Forest. It’s tireless work, this defending the realm!

With the ever-increasing volume of Creeps - Chapter 17 signals the next formidable challenge facing our Heroes. With enemies coming from two directions, your abilities as a master of tower defense strategy will be strained across four exciting and testing new missions.

Overgrown Golem!

Alongside the hordes, you will be faced with an all new harbinger of calamity: the Overgrown Golem. As old as the realm, this stone framed corruption is dedicated to the destruction of all that it deems unnatural.

Automatic Hero Levelling!

Your Heroes will need their full strength to take on this new enemy, and with a greater chance of acquiring Mythic materials in the Hero and Mega Chests, you can power up your Heroes to the next level, now at no extra cost with automatic leveling after all equipment is upgraded!

Ready your defenses, because the battle commences now!