Unlocked: Chapter 16 of the Castle Creeps Saga!

10th February 2017
Unlocked: Chapter 16 of the Castle Creeps Saga!

New Missions! New Creeps!

Somebody better tell Lance to initiate his pre-battle grooming routine, because it’s creep bashing time!

Kaylen, the arrow-wielding sun priestess, needs your help across four brand new missions. Her home of Goldleaf is under attack and the Creeps have summoned a new adversary for your Heroes. Beware, the power of the Grove Guardian; a herald of corruption and dark magic from the depths of Goldleaf forest.

But we’re not going to send you into battle against a Grove Guardian without additional protection! Enter the Runelord, Stonelord’s impressive new skin, which adds an additional element of strategy to the battlefield. You can choose to wreak havoc upon the Creeps by summoning magical stones or employ his gifts to heal your allies.

Battle away, brave Hero!

Ready your Towers and defend the realm NOW!