Uncovering the Mysteries of Digital Marketing

9th February 2017
Uncovering the Mysteries of Digital Marketing

Segmentation and the City

“Any fool can know. The point is to understand” – Albert Einstein

Natalie Cook – Campaign Manager

Outplay is definitely no stranger to the provision of learning and development opportunities. There has always been a real appreciation for keeping astride with innovation and the fast-paced evolution of our industry, which is in part, what makes Outplay a great company to work for. Not that I’m biased!

However, the introduction of the newly launched Outplay Academy is set to build on this aim, allowing Outplayers to develop and acquire new skills which in turn, will further personal development in and across disciplines.

As one of the first benefactors of the Outplay Academy to receive external training since its launch, I can certainly vouch for the value the Academy has to offer each and every one of us!

Digital Marketing for Gaming

Having spent the last few days in London attending a course titled ‘Digital Marketing for Gaming 1’ as offered by UKIE in partnership with the CIM, I have returned to work equipped with new ideas and a greater understanding of some theoretical concepts which underpin marketing in practice.

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My course began on Monday morning with a 9 am breakfast which centred on networking and making introductions. I met a lot of interesting people from different segments of the gaming industry who each offered a fresh perspective on approaches to marketing and strategy.

After breakfast, the hard work began. The morning session was largely theoretical with a focus on objective setting, marketing segmentation and the insights which we can draw from these focal points. The discussion really underpinned the importance of properly understanding the audience you hope to target and the groundwork involved in planning a campaign albeit for the purposes of user acquisition or social media. Knowledge of these stages in digital planning will be useful when outlining future campaigns, in particular, those for new games in the launch pipeline.

After lunch, the first half of the afternoon involved case studies and the application of theory into practice. We were split into groups and were asked to apply what we had learned to potential real-life situations, which provided context and made the process more relatable.

The remainder of the afternoon centred around the use of acquisition channels with a predominant focus on paid advertising versus SEO, the role of social media and the creation of engaging content. Learning about SEO was really fascinating, there are so many tricks which can, in turn, make or break your search engine rankings. It’s definitely a topic I want to explore further.

Upon Reflection

I certainly gained a lot from my time in London and believe there are topics which apply to other divisions within the marketing department. I look forward to sharing what I have learned with the rest of the team in the hope that we can all benefit from my time away.

With a focus on continual learning and development, Outplay shines as a company full of new opportunities. Want to join our ever-growing team? Check out our live roles here.

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