The Year Ahead with Eva Prada

1st Feb 2018
The Year Ahead with Eva Prada

A great game can reach excellence with high-quality creative that pushes the best features and conveys the fun of playing to the public. To achieve this, a top-class creative team is needed, and our newest Marketing Art Manager, Eva Prada, is here to make this reality. We caught up with Eva to chat about her time at Outplay so far:

Q. Tell us a little about yourself. What is your role at Outplay and what’s your background within the industry?

A. I recently joined Outplay in December 2017 as the Marketing Art Manager. I relocated from Madrid, Spain where I worked as a freelance illustrator. Prior to that, I worked for almost 5 years in Gameloft, working in a similar position. What I love about working here is the huge scope for creativity, as a fast-growing company, there are tons of opportunities for innovation, and it’s team size allows anyone to shine in a very friendly and familiar environment.

Q. We are all thinking about the year ahead. What are you most looking forward to as you start of 2018 with Outplay?

A. There are so many things to do that I don’t even know where to start. I’m looking to expand my team, for example adding a 3D animator. Building out our talent will help us to elevate the games to new heights but also give us allow us to further enjoy designing new, fun and engaging creative pieces to support our great games and bring them the recognition they deserve.

Q.As a new arrival to Dundee, are there any places, in particular, you’re looking forward to exploring in the surrounding area?

I am traveling around Scotland as much as I can, whenever I have some time free. I’ve already visited Aberdeen, St Andrews, Stirling, Edinburgh, Inverness. My next stop will probably be Glasgow, but who knows…  I may end up in Loch Ness!

Q. Looking at the wider games industry, do you have any advice for 2018?

A. Being a real team player is essential, some awesome artists can create masterpieces but if they don’t know how to properly work as a group, they will find it difficult to fit within this industry. 

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