The role of UI with Andrew Rennie

23rd June 2017
The role of UI with Andrew Rennie

Andrew Rennie – Senior UI Artist

As UI artists, it’s our job to conceptualize, design and implement the user interface into all of our games, whether it’s a new feature in one of the live titles or an entirely new project, so there’s always something going on.

A typical day starts with a team stand up, with everyone giving a quick update on their progress and their aims for that day. We’ll then head to the kitchen and grab some coffee for that much-needed morning caffeine boost before getting to work.

At the beginning of a project, we’ll throw ideas around together with the other artists trying to get a general sense of how the game should look and feel. We gather a variety of reference materials and put together some mood boards, experiment with some fonts and colour schemes until we establish the tone of the game.

Next, we’ll collaborate with the designers to wireframe all the screens that we need for the game. Once we have a good idea of what every screen needs to contain we can start creating the buttons, backgrounds, icons etc. and make some initial screen mock-ups. Normally we’ll focus on 4 or 5 different screens so we can compare how the style works across various areas of the game. We then meet with the lead artist on that project to make sure all elements will fit together.

Once we’re happy with the UI style and the wireframes are finalised, we’ll begin exporting the assets, which is an art in itself trying to ensure we’re getting the most value for the least amount of texture space while retaining the aesthetics. We then start the UI editor and (with a bit of help from our Coders) start adding our work into the game.

If you have a knack for problem-solving and a keen eye for detail, then we’re always on the lookout for new talent. The UI team is small but flexible and we shift between projects fairly regularly so it never gets boring. The role covers everything from conceptualising to implementation, and there are aspects of illustration and animation along the way. It’s a very rewarding career and as there is generally one UI artist per project, you have a lot of ownership over your own work.

If you are interested in a role in UI, we look for people who can work in a variety of styles, understand current trends and who know how to maximise efficiency with the work they create. Make sure to show this in your portfolio, but just as important, we look for those people with creativity and a passion for making awesome games!

Want to be a part of the team here at Outplay and use your skills to help bring our games to the next level of excellence? You’re in luck because we are hiring! For roles in UI and other areas of our Art Department, check out our current vacancies here.