The Outplay Academy Opens its Doors!

3rd February 2017
The Outplay Academy Opens its Doors!

The Outplay Academy is a new learning and development initiative from Outplay Entertainment, creating a central learning and development hub for our team and the wider Outplay community. Our aim for the Academy is to further our culture of learning and development and share knowledge across the studio and wider community.

Games development within an evolving market, makes continual learning and team development something which is paramount to us here at Outplay; we believe that by equipping Outplayers with the drive, opportunity and resources to develop and refine their skills, it will allow us to remain at the forefront of creating fun, high quality, and high performing games.

Outplay academy

Our culture is ambitious, inquisitive and explorative; we’re not afraid to try new things and to push the boundaries in our delivery. Within our teams and departments, we explore, refine and further ourselves and our products continually. We have an enormous wealth of talent here at Outplay and its key for us to engage this talent. The Outplay academy creates the opportunity for Outplayers to explore existing and new skills both within their discipline and across other disciplines.

Our cross-discipline training provides Outplayers with full production know-how enabling us to work together with a better understanding of what is required to make fun, high quality and high performing games.

There are several areas that form the Outplay Academy;

• Personal Development
• Internal and External Training
• Development Plans
• Our company knowledge portal
• Social Media

Personal Development

We believe that great people make great games, and at Outplay we understand how personal development can bring out the best in our teams. The Outplay Academy incorporates internal knowledge sharing from across all disciplines, opening the doors to new opportunities. Producers can get on the front-line of marketing and QA, have better insight of analytics allowing our teams to better understand the full development pipeline, or specific areas of interest.

The Outplay Academy places a library of internally created resources at the fingertips of every Outplayer. Knowledge sharing isn’t something that’s new at Outplay, either! Outplayers are constantly sharing information, having the Outplay Academy in place gives this information a central hub that Outplayers will have access to 24/7.

Additional Training

Outplayers have access to learning materials that they can engage with to develop both hard and soft skills; these materials include case studies, takeaway actions, and further learning material.

In addition to our internally developed cross skills training program, external training is also offered to continue personal development. This is a mixture of workshops, off site training and conferences that enables Outplayers to be up to date with current methods and thinking, whilst developing in new areas of interest.
An example of a current training program taking place within Outplay is the six-month leadership program our team leads are currently embarking on, focusing their development on what it is to be a lead at Outplay, how to manage and motivate their team, and equipping them with strong coaching skills. 

The leads at Outplay are an integral part of the team; they have the power to motivate their team and get them engaged and driving forward on their delivery.

Development Plans

Development plans aren’t new for Outplay however, going forward, they will form part of the Outplay Academy.

Our department heads have invested a lot of time and thought into providing fresh definitions of each role so our team know what their progression routes are.

This transparency allows Outplayers to focus on what areas they need to further to progress in their role.


Confluence, software that allows everyone in the company to share knowledge and information, is already heavily integrated within the company, and at the core of our product development infrastructure. The Outplay Academy will also use Confluence as a central hub for learning and development. Each department will have a space within confluence in which they can share resources, videos, blogs, ideas, learnings, etc allowing unrestricted access to the full library of content and resources for all Outplayers.

Social Media

Sharing our knowledge, development, training and learning with those connected to the Outplay community will be an integral part of the Outplay Academy.

Using social media, we’ll post updates on upcoming events related to learning and development, as well as share updates on what training and development have been taking place.

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We are currently hiring for Leads in our Art, Code and Design teams. Interested in joining us and progressing your career with Outplay? Apply here.