The Keys to Successful UA Marketing

13th June 2017
The Keys to Successful UA Marketing

Two members of the User Acquisition team recently travelled to Ireland to attend the Level Up gaming summit, an event held at Facebook HQ in Dublin. This was a great opportunity to hear from some of the biggest names in marketing throughout the gaming industry and gain unique insights into the Facebook marketing universe.

Keith Tincknell – Campaign Manager

The day started with presentations and panel sessions which covered a range of interesting topics. The keynote presentation was by Daniel Bobroff, founder of Coded Futures and Asos ventures, who discussed the importance of being a ‘game changer’ in the industry as we are now living in the age of disruption. We need to ensure we cut through and stand out from the crowd – Our customers are choice rich, but time poor.

It was interesting to hear about how to ‘think like a gamer’ from Facebooks Head of Gaming Marketing EMEA. The most interesting insight from this section was seeing what motivates men and women in gaming and how this can be completely different. A Facebook study showed women are motivated mostly about completing things, and fantasy.  Men primarily play to get a greater sense of competition and to destroy things.

For the second half of the day, we separated into smaller groups which discussed specific gaming platforms such as social/mobile, casino and consoles to a deeper extent. This was a much more practical and interactive session, allowing us to learn more about how best to utilise the Facebook platform for mobile UA and improve our campaign performance to reach new audiences.

Overall the event was a great opportunity to hear from key players in the industry as well the chance to meet and network with our account managers at Facebook, and Facebook advertising partners who help us to grow our games by working through their platform to reach and engage new players.
The main advice I took away from the conference was the importance of constantly testing the images/videos we use to advertise our games on Facebook. There is no secret recipe for creative that drives the best performance from our campaigns, which is nicely summed up by this quote from Leo Moore, Head of Creative Facebook:

“It may well be that creativity is the last unfair advantage we are legally allowed to take over our competitors”

Lead UA manager – Calum Sutherland

Sometimes here in UA we solely focus on performance marketing, aiming to exceed our targets within a given budget. Whilst this is important, it’s pivotal that UA works closely with wider teams in the business to ensure there is no silo mentality. “Individuals can win a game, but it’s the team that will ultimately win the Championship”.

Similarly, it’s important that we are in a continual loop of building, measuring and learning - This will ensure we are in good standing to act fast and agile. There are two values Facebook highlight that will assist in turning opportunities into achievements:

BE BOLD - Focus on impact. We can’t build great things without taking risks. The riskiest thing you can do is to take no risks. It’s far more beneficial to learn from doing something badly.

BE OPEN - If people have more information, they can make smarter decisions and create more impact. It’s important that you make time for on the go audiences.

William Bernbach, well known American advertising Creative Director summed up the key to successful advertising as “Best class creative requires us to test, experiment and even fail. But, the more we do, the more we will be successful”.

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