Team Building with Angry Birds Pop!

30th May 2017
Team Building with Angry Birds Pop!

As part of our continuous learning and development programme, Outplay Academy recently held a teambuilding workshop for the Angry Birds Pop! team. The purpose of the workshop was to allow the team to challenge themselves in new ways to help further develop their soft and hard skills.

Producer, Chris Sulat, started the workshop by explaining the agenda for the afternoon before introducing Alison and Anna, our Outplayers from HR who would be running the teambuilding exercises.

Teams were formed and as an introductory task the top 5 characteristics of what makes a good team member were to be highlighted and agreed upon. Every individual is unique and has a different opinion on what makes a good team member. There were no wrong answers, however this task was about the team coming together to agree the most important characteristics.

A team member from Testronic Labs also attended the team building workshop, which created a great opportunity for the team to build upon the great relationship with our external testers already in place by including them in the exercise.

This exercise challenged an individual’s negotiation skills; persuading others that the characteristics they viewed as important should be considered as well as listening, understanding and engaging with others.  it’s important that each individual is empowered to share their views and that those views are heard and considered to ensure each project achieves superior quality and excellence, an aim we strive for in all titles.

The main characteristic that all 3 teams felt was most important was communication; it’s essential we communicate in the most effective, productive way possible to foster an environment of cohesion and creativity.

After lunch, the main team building event took place; In groups of 5, each team were given a box of resources and instructions to build a structure which one person must fully pass through. All teams were given the same instructions, – the purpose of this was to observe how people interpret information differently, which was witnessed in a variety of ways. Some teams decided to also use the table the resources were placed on whilst others stuck solely to the materials they were given.

The task was possible to complete without using all materials. The purpose of including additional resources was to provide an opportunity for reflection. In order to work most effectively, only the materials required should have been used. Often, we can become distracted by things that are less important and this acts as a reminder to think of the bigger picture.

One team was given 1 less material than the other team to test if they would reach out to another team, which they did, and observe whether they would share some of their additional materials, which they did not.

For each team who managed to get at least one person through the structure (one team managed all 5) they were awarded 20 points. Additional points were given for creativity, communication and participation – points were also deducted for debating, not participating and failure to cooperate.

At Outplay we always aim to build tight-knit, highly functional teams that aim to meet the high-quality standard set across the board. This exercise allowed the team to reflect on their areas of strength shown throughout the day while also highlighting key areas for development which ensures every member of the team is utilised to their full potential in the work that they do.


Chris Sulat ended the workshop with a presentation reflecting on the amazing work they’ve done over the past 12 months. He reminded them of the changes the team had undergone over the past year and reinforced the point that each and every single person there was a valued member of the team with a key skill to help build on the success of the team, game and Outplay.

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