Outplay shares their knowledge with the next generation!

6th June 2017
Outplay shares their knowledge with the next generation!

With an abundance of knowledge and experience right at our fingertips here at Outplay, we decided what better way to share this than with the creative minds of the future, inviting animation students from the Duncan of Jordanstone: College of Art and Design for an afternoon of workshops held by the Outplay Academy.

It’s important that we share our collective knowledge and skills in order to help develop the future of the industry. This collaborative approach in development encourages a high level of quality and fosters greater creativity and vision for the next generation of would be game designers, artists and animators.

A variety of the Outplay team were involved in hosting these workshops, from juniors and interns to senior and lead roles. This workshop was also a perfect opportunity for junior Outplayers to hear about our senior team member’s journeys, furthering their knowledge, too.

Aside from discussing practical animation, the company culture was also explained, emphasising its importance on daily life from company meetings to project management and the games themselves as shown in the image below:

company culture

The next segment of the workshops was dedicated to the concept stage of a game and exposure to the tight deadlines of the games industry. The nature of games is ever changing and it can take time for people new to this line of work to adjust. 

sugar skulls MM

Each host also highlighted the importance of engagement, they gave tips on listening to the teams, participation, communication, understanding, the importance of feedback and the opportunities for continuous learning.


We talked to the students about applying for roles, the importance of an up-to-date portfolio, and the importance of keeping things relevant to the company being applied for.

concept art

The Academy is the perfect environment for Outplay to share experiences of others to help encourage the next generation of passionate and creative thinkers about to enter the industry, and we look forward to continuing our work in what we’re sure are many more workshops to come.

A big “thank you” to everyone who participated on the day, and shared their experiences and knowledge with the games industries up-and-coming talent.

Gregor Maltman: Senior Artist
Jason Hall: Senior Artist
Jody Gallagher: 3D Modeller
Caroline Lepee: Artist
Matt Davies: Artist
Kate Fomina: Artist
Rebecca Paton: Artist
Slava Lawson: Animator

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