Outplay Feel the Need for Speed!

17th February 2017
Outplay Feel the Need for Speed!

Making games downloaded and loved by millions is a tough job, and after the exciting release of Castle Creeps TD, we decided it was a great time to let the whole Midcore team blow off some steam and relax with a well-earned day of karting! We caught up with Alien Creeps Producer, Tommy Hall to hear the events of the day and who was crowned track champion!

Tommy Hall

On February 10th, the Midcore team at Outplay embraced our inner Schumacher and visited ScotKart Dundee for an afternoon of karting. Before the day began there were already psychological wars being fought between many of the racers, with the head of Midcore, Chris Trewartha, trying to psyche out his opponents with tales of his racing prowess. Only action would prove who was mightiest.

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We arrived at the karting centre and after being fitted out with our racing gear we were taken through to a driver briefing where we all listened “carefully” to the rules of racing. Everyone took this very seriously and in no way ignored the “no contact” rule. After that, it was out to the track for another safety talk before we headed out to the track for some practice laps.

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Once everyone had warmed their tires it was time for the serious racing to begin. We were split into 3 heats of 7 drivers with your finishing position earning you points that determined your starting position in the semi-final. The result of the semi-final then left us with 10 racers for the grand finale. Each heat was against different drivers to mix up the competition and give everyone a fair chance.

It soon became clear that being “Mario Kart Champion” in your youth was not going to help here. After a few races, the red mist began to descend and it started to get serious. Without turtle shells or banana skins to give an advantage, some racers resorted to simply ramming their opponents out of the way! This would earn you a warning if spotted and too many warnings could result in a disqualification but that didn’t stop us.

The racing was fast and furious and it was revealed that there were some great drivers in our midst. There were some blistering lap times being set with the older members of the team, Chris T, Tony, and Dave M, posting the top 3 fastest with under 30 seconds a lap. It seemed that experience was going to win the day! However, other notably impressive performances came from some of the youngest members of our team. Despite never being behind the wheel of a car before, Alien Creeps newest designer Chris Winn and QA’s Lauren Baird impressed everyone with their fearless driving styles and racked up some impressive finishing positions.

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After the heats and semi-finals were completed we were left with 10 finalists:

1. Chris T - After winning all his races and posting the fastest time, he was feeling confident.
2. Tony C - Second fastest time and self-confessed racing enthusiast, he was in it to win it.
3. Stefan -  Despite winning less races than me, somehow started in 3rd (I’m not bitter).
4. Tommy - Annoyed at Stefan’s lucky starting position, I only had one target.
5. Lee - Fought hard in the heats and was a contender for the top 3.
6. Dave M – Another of the top 3 lap times, he was also feeling fairly confident.
7. Fraser C - With the highest number of warnings in the heats he was probably the cause of most crashes.
8. Noora - Coming from Finland, she would use that racing pedigree to her advantage.
9. Steve - Proud to be in final despite never karting before.
10. Shaun - Not sure what he was doing but happy to be there.

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The final was 10 laps and the winner would be crowned the Outplay Champion, the pressure was on. Chris T got off to a flying start and promptly stayed in that position for the rest of the race and even managed to post his quickest time of the day. The fight for 2nd and 3rd was taken up quickly by myself, Stefan and Tony. With a good start, I managed to get past Stefan and had Tony in my sights. But after several attempts to overtake, I went wide on a comer and Stefan came flying through. The rest of the race was a frantic battle for third as Tony pulled free and started to chase down Chris.

Meanwhile, in the middle of the pack the racing was equally as fierce. An early crash knocked top 3 hopeful Lee down to last place and he started trying to claim back positions. We’re still awaiting a steward’s inquiry into the incident but it is assumed that “Crazy Fraser Clark” was the root cause. Among the carnage, Noora displayed some impressive driving to overtake Dave M and move up to 5th place while Lee was fighting his way back up the field. At the back, Shaun and Steve were keeping touch with the pack while desperately trying not to get lapped by Chris T.

When the chequered flag was waved the results looked like this: Chris T in 1st as always “humble” in victory, Tony C in 2nd not quite able to catch up with Chris, Stefan in 3rd after managing to hold me off for several laps, I came a disappointing 4th, Lee in 5th after climbing back up the field from last, Noora in 6th displaying some brilliant driving skills, Dave M in 7th claiming he was “holding” back due to getting too many warnings, Fraser C in 8th just thankful he didn’t kill anyone, Steve in 9th managing to not get lapped by Chris, and Shaun in 10th.

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After the karting, we went to the local bar, Braes for food and drink. It was a great day all round, enjoyed by the whole team and Chris T is now planning his move into a professional racing career with me and Stefan as his race team. Huge thanks go to Anna for organising the whole thing and to Outplay for letting us have the day out!

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