Outplay Celebrates National Technology Day!

6th January 2017
Outplay Celebrates National Technology Day!

Today marks National Technology Day, and this is no more important than here at Outplay. The latest innovations in technology and software are what allow us to continue creating exciting and innovative new titles for the enjoyment of millions, so it is key that our team’s stay up to date on all the latest developments to achieve the best possible result.

We recently caught up with a few of our Outplayers to discuss some of the most important pieces of technology they use in their day to day work, and what the benefits of these are in various aspects of creating and promoting our games:

Jason Hall – Senior Artist

The primary piece of equipment I use every day and could not work without is my Wacom Graphics Tablet. Currently at my desk, I have the Intuos Pro while at home I use a Wacom Cintiq. It is a role defining piece of equipment and there are no digital artists that I can think of that would go without one.

As artists, we use graphic tablets to simulate using pencils and paint brushes in a much more natural way than just a mouse could ever do. Why Apple (Steve Jobs) refused to introduce a stylus to the Apple product for so long is confusing to me, being an artist, a pencil or stylus is the natural way to produce art, not a finger.

The benefits of using a graphics tablet are really the simple and obvious, it allows artists to work and create almost as if with a brush etc. but using the options within all art applications such as undo and layers. Most software now has a natural brush and pressure sensitivity that combined with the use of a graphics tablet can produce artwork that looks like it’s painted in oils, watercolor and many other mediums.

I could not work without a tablet, it’s the most used tool in my bag.

Andrew Johnston – Community Associate

Working in the noise that is social media, it is not enough to just stay on top of new platforms but also to use them to their full potential.

Instagram, although not the latest platform to be used by advertisers, is an excellent place to cultivate and engage an audience. By combining advertisements with more casual/fun posts you are given the ability to create a personality that users can associate with and become attached to. In some instances, brands have been able to build a lifestyle around their products that consumers are eager to replicate.

However, Instagram currently has two drawbacks when it comes to business use, the lack of scheduling and desktop functionality. However, this is where Schedugram steps in. Schedugram allows me to write, proof and most importantly schedule posts, with the functionality and ease that only a desktop can allow. Adding links, replicating text and managing multiple accounts is now quick and easy, cutting an hours’ worth of work in half.

Although Schedugram is a relatively small program that won’t have much use to people in their day to day lives, it has become an essential for me in order to promote our games to a growing Instagram audience!

Rachel Simpson – Audio Designer

Working as an Audio Designer I get to play with a whole load of great technology, software, and toys. From sound cards to microphones to virtual instrument software, there are a lot of awesome audio tools to choose from, but my absolute favourite is my flugelhorn. I’ve used it in so many games to record music and sound effects. There’s a lot of great virtual instrument software out there but nothing beats the real thing, especially for solo brass.

Something I’ve learned when composing over the years is that, though your project may not always have the time or budget to record a live orchestra or band, you can really add quality to your music by adding just one live recorded instrument to the mix. It’s an extra effort for sure but it’s totally worth it.

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