Outplay Celebrates International Women’s Day!

8th March 2017
Outplay Celebrates International Women’s Day!

In celebration of International Women’s day, we talk to some of the ladies at Outplay who play a vital role in creating, producing and maintaining some of our biggest titles, downloaded and loved by millions. Many opportunities are opening up within the industry for women, especially here at Outplay. With a high level of female Outplayers and our welcoming and inclusive culture, there are plenty of ways in which anyone with the drive and passion for making amazing, high-quality games can thrive!

Hear from the experiences of several of our ladies throughout Outplay:

Womens Day

Tania Anta – Senior Engineer

As a senior engineer my role, together with the rest of the programming team, is to effectively build the games, coding the rules the designers come up with and bringing the awesome art and sound our creative teams have been working on to life. I joined around ten months ago, coming from Barcelona, and was surprised at the size of the studio and how it balances a great work-life balance with high-quality games, with lots of optional team-building activities. As part of those, for example, back in July my project team went on a field trip to the Isle of May. The place was amazing, it was a great bonding experience with the team and I keep a fond memory of that.

Julia Preussler - Artist

I’m an artist and animator at Outplay and I help to breathe life into our game characters, so they don’t just look pretty and unique, but also move and behave in a characteristic way. Right now, I’m animating a duel between two characters and this is definitely a dream project for every game animator, it’s so much fun and is already one of my favourite projects since joining Outplay. From the beginning, I felt immediately welcome here and thanks to great projects and games which are versatile, interesting and challenging, it just doesn’t get boring.

Elise Forbes – Customer Support Agent

I’m a Customer Support Agent here at Outplay, this involves ensuring our player base is happy and our games are working as they should. My main duties include answering support tickets from our players, flagging issues/logging bugs, monitoring reviews, collating feedback and maintaining FAQ content. This gives me the opportunity to keep in contact daily with all of the different development, community and operations teams across all of our titles.

Honestly, I love my job and working at Outplay! I have wanted to work in the games industry for as long as I can remember and I feel very fortunate to have a career at Outplay. The games industry is often portrayed as a bit of a “boys club”, which can be a bit intimidating to say the least, however this is not the culture and Outplay experience at all (as this post will demonstrate!).

I loved being a part of the Castle Creeps TD launch - it has been fantastic to have been a part of support from day one and seeing the game evolve. It’s also great to see player feedback reflected in game changes and being involved in this.

I am also pretty proud of the changes we have made internally in the Customer Support department, with Zendesk improvements and localization allowing us to help our customers more effectively.

With more exciting opportunities being created at Outplay every day, why not join the team and get involved in our next big projects! Check out all vacancies here.