Meet The Heroes: Talem the Earth Wizard!

14th March 2017
Meet The Heroes: Talem the Earth Wizard!

An Earth Wizard from the Broken Lands. He weaves powerful spell-work involving channeling rock, stone, and the earth itself. With such specialty in these magical teachings, he is adept at repairing structures and fortifying these against enemy attacks. He now joins your band of battle-hardened Heroes to make the world a better place, and in turn, hope they return the favor in defending his own homeland.

Creeps like the War Wagon, Juggernaut, and newly introduced Harpy can be the scourge of your Towers, tearing down your structures and reducing your defenses! Talem comes with some unique and powerful Tower repair and defense abilities to combat this.

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One of the strongest powers in his arsenal is summoning the Storm of Da’rhud, creating whirlpools of sand throughout the area, slowing down the advance of the enemy! While a little unpredictable, this is a strong ability nonetheless.

Talem’s passive ability, Rejuvenating Sands, periodically heals nearby Towers keeping them attacking for longer against the oncoming waves of Creeps. Additionally, unlocking his Earth Barrier power from level 6 will also allow him to shield nearby Towers, reducing the amount of damage taken from incoming attacks.


While adept in the ways of Earth magic, Talem can’t hold up to the physical damage dealt by some of the larger Creeps. While this does pose a threat, his magical armor will protect him from arcane wielding enemies with little effort.


To use Talem to his ultimate potential, here are a few tips for the upcoming battles:

- Combine Talem’s Storm of Da’rhud with Kaylen’s Forest Snares to slow down large groups of Creeps, and thin their ranks before they can escape!

- Once Talem reaches level 6, place him at chokepoints near Creep entrances to shield Towers that are likely to take the first hit.

- In missions where infantry is the key to success, use Talem in unison with Stonelord to reinforce the strongest Dwarven chokepoints yet possible.

- To account for Talem’s lack of protection against physical attacks, unlock the Mega Chest for the chance to be rewarded with the Amethyst Mystic Skin, the perfect way to boost health so he can continue to heal Towers for longer rather than attacking.

Now that you’re clued up on all the details for Talem and have some handy advice, test this out on the battlefield and show the Creeps whose boss!

Ready your Towers and defend the realm!