Meet the Heroes – Lance, Defender of Dragoncross!

12th May 2017
Meet the Heroes – Lance, Defender of Dragoncross!

Some may know him as ‘The Protector of Dragoncross’, others as ‘The Defender of Dragoncross’, but we simply know him as our good-hearted and brave Hero, Lance! Here since the start of your adventure, Lance protects the area from the scourge that is the Creeps, however, his main motivation to fight is to avenge his beloved tavern, destroyed by the enemy!

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Lance is one of the most versatile Heroes, able to withstand a variety of different situations and take care of himself while you focus your own efforts elsewhere. His main power is Ground Smash, which stuns and damages the Creeps around him.

At level three he then unlocks Battle Cry which allows him to boost the damage of nearby infantry, upping your offensive power. Lastly at level six, he unlocks Dragon Flame, setting his sword ablaze and damaging Creeps, leaving a nasty burn which causes additional damage over time.


While Lance can handle many ground-based Creeps, he has no ability to combat airborne units such as the Goblin Flyer or Bonegoyle. When placing Lance at chokepoints it’s important to also station infantry or towers that can deal with the flying enemies that Lance is unable to reach.


With Lance providing the muscle to many different battles against the Creeps, use these tips to utilize this Hero to his full potential!

- Lance’s Ground Smash ability is best used at chokepoints. Wait for the right opportunity and active this power to stun large groups of Creeps, giving your Towers some extra time to hit their targets.

- Lance can take a lot of hits while handing out damage. Again, placing Lance in key positions will allow him to deal with many Creeps without your interference, allowing you to focus your attention on other areas of the battlefield. To ensure Lance stays in the battle for longer, use the Woodsman Skin which will reduce his attacking power but boost his health to continue the fight.

- In missions with three or more exits, The Longship Captain Skin for Lance is best suited. This boosts movement speed at the expense of health points, but allows Lance to jump between each point to stop any Creeps closing in on victory!

- To help deal with large groups of Creeps, pull out all the stops and equip the Flame Knight Skin! With this Skin comes a unique ability, Flame Torrent which deals heavy damage to all Creeps in the area, making them prime targets for your Towers to finish off.

Ready your Towers, join the battle and crush those Creeps with the mighty power of Lance!

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