Meet the Graphic Design Team: Bringing our Titles to Life!

30th March 2017

Within a mobile games studio such as Outplay, it’s important to have a pool of highly skilled and talented Artists and Designers who create high-quality content, both for the launch of a title and for the regular updates that follow.

However, it is just as important to have a strong, resourceful and creative Graphic Design team within the Marketing department to help promote the games on various media channels. Tasks range from something as small as a single social post, to a full-fledged marketing campaign.

We caught up with a few members of the Graphic Design team from the Marketing department to find out what their background was before joining Outplay, what their role here involves, and how they’ve developed within their area of expertise.

design team

Donna Law – Graphic Artist

I’ve worked at Outplay for over a year now as a Graphic Artist.  My main focus for the past six months or so has been Mystery Match but I still provide occasional support for our other titles.  Before making my way to Outplay I was more involved in development, having worked as both a 2D artist and UI artist.

Over the past few months, Mystery Match has undergone significant changes, so a large part of my day-to-day has been updating the marketing assets to reflect those changes.  This includes creative materials such as icons, screenshots, images for the website, and also some new ads to show off some of our new, shiny assets. I also work on the art for the Mystery Match social channels and occasionally the Outplay business pages. I’m currently in the process of learning Maya to provide the graphic design team with some renders of our 3D characters, making the most of the in-game assets created by the team.

There is a real sense of team spirit at Outplay which it’s great to be a part of.  Since joining I’ve been given the opportunity to use my current skills, but also to start learning new ones, including Maya and After Effects. 

David Shing – Graphic Designer

I joined Outplay last summer as a Marketing Graphic Designer and was tasked with the global launch of Castle Creeps TD. Before coming to Outplay I was in involved in branding, campaign development, and digital design. My focus here in the Marketing department is to deliver creative assets for advertising. Sometimes simple and sometimes sophisticated, the work ranges from static campaigns to more advanced animation and motion graphics.

Each member of the team focuses their efforts on one or two titles each and receive various requests from other teams within the marketing department. With state of the art studios and a good team spirit, it’s great to be a part of Outplay.

Training is at hand when needed and with an increased workflow in video animation, I have advanced my skills considerably in Adobe After Effects in a very short period. Moving forward I’ll learn from the other Artists and Designers here at Outplay and continue to work on the global advertising strategy for Castle Creeps TD to bring us even more success!

With a focus on continual learning and development, Outplay shines as a company full of new opportunities. Check out our latest Marketing Artist and Animator roles here.