How the Academy Supports Continuous Learning

18th January 2018
How the Academy Supports Continuous Learning

Since the introduction of the Outplay Academy, e-learning has been one of the key methods used to facilitate development here at Outplay.

Amongst other resources, the Outplay Academy uses Udemy as one of our most popular online learning tools. Udemy is an online learning platform that provides engaging courses for professional development. The courses are highly-curated and powered by over 20,000 instructors and 45,000 courses.

Recently we caught up with Alistair MacLean, Junior DevOps Engineer, to understand how using online learning has benefited him. In the 4 months since Alistair joined the Outplay team, he’s one of our most active Udemy users racking up an impressive 25 hours of learning time!

Alistair MacLean

My main focus within Udemy since I started with Outplay was to sharpen my skills with the Python programming language and to learn materials for Amazon Web Services (AWS) certifications.

The majority of the infrastructure that is managed by our DevOps team are cloud-based micro-services hosted by AWS, and are primarily composed of Python code; therefore, my learning objectives are to achieve a high proficiency with Python especially in combination with AWS systems. It’s vital for us to maintain a stable infrastructure at all times, to ensure we can deliver a smooth and fun experience for all players across our titles.

Since enrolling in Udemy and learning more Python, my skills have greatly improved thanks to the flexible and hands-on material provided by various Udemy courses.

Udemy has also enabled me to learn the intricacies of cloud computing using AWS, enough so that I have now achieved the AWS Solutions Architect – Associate certification!

Learning for me has been about personal improvement, my motivation to learn and improve my skills has allowed me to take full advantage of the resources provided by the Academy. I believe that continuous learning will further my system designs, code quality and increase my value to Outplay.

Within my team, I am afforded the time and space to improve my skills which I achieve by choosing and revising relevant material, on-demand and at my own pace.

My advice to others would be that identifying the benefits of your learning objectives will bring about an effortless motivation to achieve. Don’t learn because you have to, but learn because you want to!

With a focus on continuous learning and development, Outplay shines as a company full of new opportunities. For more updates on training and development follow us on Twitter.