DreamWorks’ Head of Animation gives Private Workshop at Outplay Entertainment

13th December 2016
DreamWorks’ Head of Animation gives Private Workshop at Outplay Entertainment

To inspire continued creativity and promote development of skills within the Outplay art team, we invited David Burgess, Head of Character Animation and best known for his work on Disney classics such as the Lion King, Beauty and the Beast and Shrek 2 to the Outplay office this week to give our teams a spectacular private workshop on the art of animation.

The workshop was held for a single day in the Outplay HQ, Dundee, and covered a variety of topics including his animation career at both DreamWorks and Disney, and the making of the latest animated movie Trolls along with some of the style choices and animation techniques used in the making of this.

Both an inspiring and informative day, David discussed his creative processes and how DreamWorks developed the animation and visual style for their film. He then shows examples of their style choices which showed in the movie as all characters and setting had a unifying, charming fuzziness to them, as if they were all made out of felt and cloth.


The Outplay animators and artists were beaming with interest, with it still being so relatable even though they are in the industry of making games rather than movies. Afterwards, a Q&A was held with everyone able to ask the questions they had been dying to ask throughout the session.

Noora Klaavu, Artist at Outplay had this to say “I think if you’re happy to work on something, it surely shows in the end result!” and this never showed more accurately in the work David Burgess has carried out on the Trolls movie, and his previous works.

The Outplay team had a fun filled day with our artists and animators leaving the session brimming with new techniques and ideas to test out. Some of our team shared their thoughts on the day’s experience with David:

“It was obvious that the Trolls movie was made with love, and that energy came through in the clips and the room. A wonderful demonstration of a creative culture producing delightful results, and inspiring indeed.”  James Law, Senior Artist

“It was a great talk, interesting and inspiring. Heaps to take away from it and will hopefully be able to apply some to our own work as well. It was really a great opportunity to go and be a part of that.”  Kate Fomina, Artist

“It was amazing! Was so happy to have had a chance to be there! Still having all the thoughts, advice etc. settling down in my head, glad I took some notes!” Tat Okada, Graphic Designer


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