Dev Diary #5 with Pascal Mosewije

11th August 2017
Dev Diary #5 with Pascal Mosewije

Understanding our audience is at the core of creating engaging gameplay that keeps people coming back for more. Our Data Analysts work tirelessly to ensure to ensure we’re always listening to our fan base and are able to react and develop games that meet their expectations and create fun new experiences for them. We caught up with Pascal Mosewije, Data Analysts at Outplay Entertainment, to find out more about what it’s like to be part of the Analytics team.

Before I started working for Outplay, I worked in The Netherlands as a Data Analytics Specialist. I mostly worked on projects where I had to prepare data in so called Data Marts and make dashboards for different kinds of stakeholders. A dashboard is a user interface that presents useful information in a visual way by combining charts.

At Outplay I am using my previous experience for similar projects. We are currently in the middle of creating some new KPI dashboards that should provide performance information to anyone within the company. I also created a tool for our User Acquisition team that enables them to gain insights into our player base allowing them to optimise content to increase engagement.

Recently, I joined the mid-core team (Alien Creeps TD and Castle Creeps TD) to assist them in gaining insights on the performance of their games by analysing events, running experiments and keeping track of the day-to-day performance metrics. This analysis helps the teams to better understand what parts of the game work best, and determine whether or not more players coming into the game, and how long they’re sticking about. How active are our players? Do players spend money on our games? These are just some of the questions that my role aims to answer.

In order to provide accurate analysis, It is vital that we understand our own games. We cannot provide insights without knowing what is going on in the game and how the underlying metrics work. Communication is another skill an analyst should possess – be it to communicate results or talking to designers, coders, producers to understand game mechanics.

And finally, having fun! Doing data analysis is fun and gaming is fun. So, you can only imagine what the combination of these two would be like!

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