Dev Diary #2 - The Role of a Producer

31st May 2017
Dev Diary #2 - The Role of a Producer

I joined Outplay after two years working as a Producer in one of the leading game developers in Italy. It was quite a change. Moving from an environment where I used to develop games start to finish to a product that was already live and fighting with a fierce competition, where my goal was to unleash its great potential. This sure made for a big shift.

I usually like to say to new starts in our team that the first few weeks will feel like “trying to catch a train running at full speed”. Of course, if you meet challenges with hard work and proactive approach, you will easily see the results. Working on Crafty Candy is a great opportunity for personal growth thanks to the high level of quality the game strives for and the constant effort to make it more competitive with each new update.

Fortunately, enough Outplay benefits from a large pool of talented people that make this journey even more interesting. Cultural diversity combined with professionalism and extraordinary capabilities makes working here a thriving experience for anyone willing to pick up the challenge. There is a flip side of the coin though, casual game enjoys a very competitive market and that requires the team to be constantly on its toes to avoid losing ground to other competitors.

For this reason, in the last year, we have worked to evolve and improve our approach to the games development and meet those challenges in an even more agile way. When we envision a new feature or improvement for the game we forecast the impact on our KPIs and we define a time frame for that feature in order to meet the time to market that is essential for products that compete in the casual market space. To achieve these goals, we have worked to improve the management of tasks, increase their visibility and in general work more closely with our Analytics team. That said, if I should point out the ingredients for the secret sauce of success I would for sure pick team chemistry as the thing to focus your efforts on.

I think that these are not only the most important qualities of a successful team but also the biggest achievements for a producer, crafting the right team dynamics and developing a focus towards the right goal is the hardest art to master and the biggest factor for success.

These special skills can be developed in two ways: either you learn from someone that has more experience or you learn from yourself. For this reason, it is important that for anyone hoping to move into production that to keep a positive attitude, open mind and most of all not being scared of making mistakes!

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