Chris Wood, The Amazon Appster!

7th April 2017
Chris Wood, The Amazon Appster!


Chris Wood, a Senior Designer at Outplay Entertainment, recently attended an Amazon conference on “Best Practices from the top 50 Apps on Amazon”. Here he talks to us about what the event involved and what he took away from it;

On 29th March 2017, I visited the Amazon UK’s HQ in London to attend a talk on “Best Practices from the top 50 Apps on Amazon”

They covered how games within the Top 50 approached Power Users (high spenders) and how they engage and monetise users differently from other games on the Amazon App Store. Top 50 games reward loyalty to their dedicated customers through special discounts or exclusive content. Engaging players early and then giving them reasons to come back into the game is also vitally important.  There seems to be a fine balance between offering price variety and not confusing/overwhelming players with too many prices.

1: Take care of your best customers
• Top 50 apps’ strategy is segmented - different customer experiences at different price points
• Amazon refers to high spender as “Power Users”.
• A Power User is defined as someone who spends over a certain amount a month
• Power Users have an average spend month (across top 50 games)
• Understand why the user is engaged?
• Do they want to catch up quickly?
• Do they want to stand out in some way? (Rare / epic items etc)
• Recognize their importance and reward them for their loyalty

2. Make it easy to buy
• The more items for sale, the higher the ARPPU
• Many price points may be confusing
• Keep the number down to between 1-5 (i.e $1.99, $9,99, $19.99, etc)

3, Optimise the experience
• Reduce usage barriers
• Synchronise across multiple devices
• Prompt user to play more sessions
• Enable them to start quickly
• More sessions = more revenue
• How has the difficulty been tuned?
• Too easy = boredom?
• Too hard = frustration?
• User Activity
• Do a better job of retaining long-term users
• Top 50 have an average min time per session length

4. Support Social Engagement
• Enable status updates
• Allow Users to Peacock

5. Encourage Advocacy
• Communicate with your users
• Tell them your cool plans and features
• make the user feel special
• Celebrate their enthusiasm

What I took away from the event
• It’s useful to understand what these games are doing differently from everyone else, and reinforced some of our critical thinking in terms of effects of engagement and IAPS. Most helpful was seeing actual data from a large platform holder, something that isn’t always readily available. Being able to look at a cohort analysis between top 50 and the rest was of particular interest

• Moving forward, we’ll be able to use this data and the various insights to improve areas of our games; most notably in the offers and IAP price points, we offer users and the way we optimise our first-time user experience.

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