Castle Creeps TD: Tips for Beginners

11th January 2017
Castle Creeps TD: Tips for Beginners

As you command mighty Heroes and horde-splatting Towers in your quest to save the realm, the Castle Creeps TD team have come together to pool their collective knowledge and impart some wisdom for those Commanders just starting out on their journey:

#1 - Upgrade your Heroes to unlock extra abilities, such as Lance’s Dragon Flame or Eris’ Mage Frost that will turn the tide of battle in your favor!

CCTD Tips - 1

#2 - Know your enemy! Study the Creep Book to determine an opponent’s key weakness, allowing you to create the ultimate strategy for Tower placement and victory!

Castle Creeps Tip - 2

#3 - Maximize resource collection by logging in every day to open the Tower Chest, containing up to 3 items for your Towers. By replaying previous missions, you can earn even more resources to upgrade your Towers and continue your quest!

Castle Creeps Tip - 3

#4 - Depleted your Sentinel charges in battle? Sign into Facebook and send these to your friends while receiving charges in kind. Head back to the battlefield and continue zapping in your quest to defeat the Creeps and save the realm!

Castle Creeps Tip - 4

#5 - Prove your tactical might by completing quests to earn keys. These unlock Hero Chests, giving you the resources needed to make your Heroes even stronger!

Castle Creeps Tip - 5

#6 - Like our Facebook page and follow our Twitter to keep up to date with the latest news, find fellow Commanders and exchange battle tips and strategies!

Castle Creeps Tip - 6

#7 - Hold the line! Watch out for Creeps like the Goblin Saboteur and Ogre Gunner who can cause serious damage to your Towers! Strategically build your Towers to take these enemies out as soon as possible and win the battle!

Castle Creeps Tip - 7

#8 - Take on the boss! Battles against Warlords can be difficult, but be sure to make use of your elixir boosts and reinforcements to take these behemoths down!

CCTD - tip 8

Put these helpful tips into action to give you a tactical advantage and join the battle today!

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