A Day in the Life of a Producer

14th February 2017
A Day in the Life of a Producer

Ever wanted to know more about the production of a mobile game here at Outplay? We caught up with the Producer of Mystery Match, Kaitlin Burge, to hear more about what her role involves in the planning, developing, and coordinating of the game, and what is done to ensure fresh and exciting content is regularly added to make this title even better, for those players both old and new!

Kaitlin Burge

I started working as a producer at Outplay after I finished my master’s in animation at the University of Dundee.  I’m originally from California and worked in technology before I made my way into games, as a project manager at Stanford University and other companies, and an analyst at Xbox and elsewhere.  I studied literature and writing for my bachelor’s, and always wanted to get back to working with creative people.  It’s great to be able to come in every day and know I’m working with a team of super talented, passionate people who are really invested in what they’re doing.  Games are a lot more fun than the databases I used to work on.

I work on Mystery Match, which is great for me because it has a story that carries through the game.  When I started on the project, the game was already live, so the focus has been on developing new features and events that keep the game interesting both for new players and for our veteran fans that have been with us from the beginning.  Our long-term players are warriors, and with our level 1,000 coming up, we really recognize how hard they’ve worked to keep up with us on all the new content we put out.

Day-to-day, I work with my own production team and departments within the company to keep new development on track, as well as evaluate the player experience and reach out to new audiences.  We put out a new version of the game every two weeks and much of what we ship has something new in it, so there’s a lot of planning and coordination to be sure we’re developing quickly and safely – and that what we’re building is fun! 

My team works really hard to be sure there’s good communication and handoff from design to art to code to test.  Once something new is out, we work with other teams to get the word out and make sure what we build is doing well, and to support our technology and our players.  It takes a lot of people with a lot of different skills to keep such a fun game going – and Mystery Match is going strong in its third year!

Working with creative and driven people is a real privilege, and it’s easy to take pride in the work we do here.

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