Colin takes the opportunity to experience Outplay Audio Engineering!

8th February 2018
Colin takes the opportunity to experience Outplay Audio Engineering!

Life in the games industry is fun and exciting, it’s also ambitious, creative and full of opportunity and for that reason as part of the Outplay Academy we regularly invite students to partake in work experience at the studio. This gives them a real taste of what life is like working in a games studio, and allows them to fully experience the life cycle of game development.

We believe the talent and ambition across the whole industry should be exceptional and it’s a pleasure to help prepare the next wave of visionaries.

Recently Colin Paterson, a sound engineer at Perth college spent a week with our Audio Department. We caught up with him to see how the week went and what he got out of the experience.

“I was excited when the Outplay Academy offered me the opportunity to join their team for a week. I want to pursue a career in audio for games so being able to work with those already in the industry was an exciting prospect.

My placement mentor was Rachel Simpson, Outplay’s Audio Engineer. During the week we worked on a variety of projects together including four games and three’s videos.

I gained a lot of audio experience which will be invaluable to my career. Rachel showed me the entire process of audio development from capturing and selecting samples to layering, mixing and their implementation. Our work process encompassed several steps including capturing the animation to be used, importing it into the appropriate program and then creating the audio.

Outplay is ambitious and this is reflected in everything they do, the speed at which they work is something I am now looking to develop. Having this experience has given me a real insight into the quality and quantity of the work required to be successful in the industry.

It was nerve-wracking being in control of the audio and making decisions that would contribute towards the final version of the game, however, Rachel provided me with the reassurance and guidance that gave me the confidence to make the right choices. Experiencing the type of decisions, I would be making and the impact it would have on the game has made me appreciate how important it is to fully understand the systems and programs being used.

I learned so many new things during my placement at Outplay, not just software and program skills, but soft skills such as communication, efficiency, and organisational skills. I realise now that if I would like to work in the industry, I need to practise and experiment with different genres and systems so that I am as prepared as possible to contribute to my full extent. 

I had a lot of fun at Outplay. The opportunity to do some real hands-on work as an Audio Engineer provided me with unique insights that I would not have gained otherwise.

I got to be part of the culture of the company which is fun and diverse, and the experience has only increased my passion to work in the industry.”

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