48 Hour Mario Party Marathon Raises Over £1,000!

15th March 2017
48 Hour Mario Party Marathon Raises Over £1,000!

Not only do our teams have a great time socializing with each other in the workplace, but this past weekend, Outplayers Stephen King, Gavin Mclaughlin and Olly Hart, along with a few friends, Robbie Gillespie and Colin Henderson, sacrificed those precious 40 winks of sleep to take part in a 48 hour Mario Party marathon all in aid of raising funds in support of Macmillan Cancer Support.

An early start of 9 am was had by all, as they set out on their quest to stay awake for the next 48 hours, making their way through every iteration of Mario Party they could lay their hands on. Before the races begun, each team member chose a representative from the Mario universe to race with for the entirety of the stream which was as follows: Stephen (Wario), Olly and Gavin (Mario), Colin (Luigi) and Robbie (Yoshi).

MP 1

The stream was off to a bumpy start with some technical difficulties but soon this had been solved and the first of 48 hours of Nintendo nostalgia had begun. There were many highlights during the stream, many created by the sleep deprivation everyone was experiencing. These included what we’re sure was a beautiful rendition of “The Ultimate Showdown”, Colin thinking he was playing when in actual fact he wasn’t and Stephen not realizing he was meant to be playing and watching obliviously as other racers passed him by.

MP 2

After the marathon had ended and everyone was extraordinarily tired, the contributions were counted and a total figure announced. Everyone was astounded to hear that the stream team had raised an amazing £1150 overall, blasting through the initial goal of £600! With this, the team is now more motivated than ever to continue holding future charity events, although maybe the next will involve a little more time for sleep.

MP 3

Donations are still being accepted and can be made here.