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Unlocked: Chapter 22 of the Castle Creeps Saga!

20th April 2017

The Heroes take a short break in the village of Dragoncross only to stumble upon a deal of EPIC proportions! For a limited time, grab up to 50% EXTRA on Hero Key offers and unlock the hidden potential of your Heroes!


Chris Wood, The Amazon Appster!

7th April 2017

Chris Wood, a Senior Designer at Outplay Entertainment, recently attended an Amazon conference on “Best Practices from the top 50 Apps on Amazon”. Here he talks to us about what the event involved and what he took away from it.


Unlocked: Chapter 21 of the Castle Creeps Saga!

6th April 2017

A sense of unease troubles the Heroes as they ponder the vile corruptions that await them throughout the Sky Isles and Dragoncross.


Outplay Celebrates its 6th Birthday!

4th April 2017

Happy birthday to us! As of today, Outplay have been making great games for six years! Back in 2011 we started from small beginnings, a team of two – Douglas and Richard Hare - with high aspirations. The company is now built up of over 150 talented Outplayers, throughout various teams and departments. There’s plenty of celebrations going on around the office, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to reflect on these past six years, and what better way to do it than to talk to some of our veteran Outplayers!


Meet the Graphic Design Team: Bringing our Titles to Life!

30th March 2017

Within a mobile games studio such as Outplay, it’s important to have a pool of highly skilled and talented Artists and Designers who create high-quality content, both for the launch of a title and for the regular updates that follow. However, it is just as important to have a strong, resourceful and creative Graphic Design team within the Marketing department to help promote the games on various media channels...