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Outplay Entertainment is a leading developer of innovative games for smartphones, tablets, and social networks. Recognized for their focus on quality and engaging gameplay, Outplay has created a portfolio of successful casual and mid-core titles under the Outplay and Bite Size Games brands, in addition to those produced in collaboration with other leading publishers.

Latest News

Dev Diary #4 with Noora Klaavu

25th July 2017

An integral part in the process of creating great games is the artwork. Creative that does not tie into the theme and atmosphere of the game may not perform well while great art that shows the game content in the best light possible can lift a game to greater heights. We talked to Noora Klaavu, artist on the hit Tower Defense game, Castle Creeps TD to learn more about the art process and what’s involved in bringing our characters, features, and games to life!


The Importance of Continuous Learning in Customer Support

27th June 2017

With great games comes great responsibility, and with titles both old and new continuing to be updated regularly, it’s extremely important that we're able to resolve any problems that our players encounter in a swift and accurate manner. This is where our Customer Support team comes in.