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Break the Evil Lord Ardur’s cruel grip on the magical world of Arborea! Journey to the farthest reaches of this mystical land, traversing cavernous dungeons while solving testing puzzles. Capture your own unique Monsters on the way, and train a team to endure battles with competitive friends and perilous foes alike! Download the most epic adventure on mobile, and create your own legacy now!

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Create Your Own Legacy!

To defeat the Evil Lord Ardur you’ll need a fearless team! Capture awesome Monsters to build your own band of unique rebels, and then develop an understanding with your Monsters to evolve them into epic new forms!

Stride bravely into battle with rival keepers – By honing your skills against tough opponents you’ll discover the best strategies, and level up your Monsters to increase their strength!

No challenge is too daunting! Show your heroic side by completing more than 70 quests – with 20 extraordinary locations you’ll be faced with a unique challenge every time. Fight your way through opponents and puzzles to collect valuable loot!

The greatest treasures in the darkest dungeons – Summon your Monster team and enter the deepest depths of Arborea. Armed with magic, raid these forbidding locations if you dare – there are glorious treasures and formidable foes awaiting you!

Learn the ways of the Keeper – Battle alongside your Monsters to master their skills. Once you’ve built a bond with your Monsters you’ll be a stronger force than ever before!

A whole world to discover! Arborea is an enchanting and rewarding realm, with blossoming landscapes and inhospitable reaches – enjoy hours of exploration and uncover fabled Elemental Temples in search of rare and legendary Monsters!



  • IGN

    Monster Legacy looks like it may be the best yet at taking those [Pokemon Formula] ideas and building something new around them.

  • Pocket Gamer

    A cutesy RPG that sees you wandering around a gorgeous isometric-ish world collecting beasts and making them fight one another.

  • Pocket Lint

    Monster Legacy has clearly had a lot of time put into it by a passionate team of developers. That heart-felt creativity comes across in a well thought out and immersive game that gives a depth far beyond most free, and even paid for, games.

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