MonstAR Truck

Slam your foot onto the accelerator and roar into MonstAR Truck – the most exhilarating Augmented Reality game around! Turn your home into a racetrack and earn prize money as you go by skidding, swerving and sliding your way to a record coins tally. As the timer runs down blast up ramps with an explosive Nitro Boost – with daredevil jumps come bigger rewards!

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Behind the wheel

The MonstAR Truck knows no boundaries – Play anywhere by using the marker to turn your home into a racing circuit, and your friends and family into obstacles!

Beat the clock, and your record! Intense races are made even more high-octane by a time limit – collect as many coins as you can before the interactive course finishes

Struggling to reach the final few coins? Inject your engine with a Nitro Boost to catch huge air when rocketing up ramps.

Stretch reality and your driving skills to the limit. Innovative augmented gameplay lets you enjoy unique races every time. There’s no fun in sticking to the tracks you know – accelerate into the unknown!

Satisfy your need for speed – Simple swipe and tap controls provide an immersive gaming experience. Take the wheel of your MonstAR Truck with more confidence each and every time!

Download the AR Markers: A4 | A6


  • Jlav769

    Great app - Cool with the AR tech

  • Grover212

    MonstAR fun - Great game I love it!