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Mystery Match - Update 1.8.2 Out Now!

25th February 2015

Grab your passport, Mystery Match is taking you to New York!


Alien Creeps TD - Update 1.6.0 Out Now!

12th Feb 2015

These alien-busting updates will help you defeat Haxor and his creeps. Get expert advice on upgrades and deploy two heroes at once!

Bite Size Games: The Making of Swinging Stupendo

2nd February 2015

Join us in a behind-the-scenes exploration of the visual thinking that went into ‘Swinging Stupendo’ — a new and exciting trapeze game from Bite Size Games, featured by both Apple and Google Play!


Bite Size Games: Swinging Stupendo Out Now!

23rd January 2015

Roll up, roll up! All the fun of the circus awaits in Bite Size Games' death-defying new adventure, SWINGING STUPENDO – available to download now on the App Store and Google Play!


James Law - Artist

16th January 2015

We catch up with Outplay Artist extraordinaire, James!

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